TCS Combo Kit



A518, A618, 47RE & 48RE Billet Combo Kit

TCS Products has packaged together all of the billet finishing parts for the A518/618/48RE/727 transmissions used for towing, sled pulling or drag racing- All under one part number – K1469CP.

The kit contains:

  • The TCS billet aluminum dual ring servo and accumulator piston – for “ZERO” leakage 2nd gear apply, longer band and 3rd gear life.
  • The heavy duty quick ratio 4.2 band leverprovides greater mechanical clamping force than the O.E.M. 3.8 ratio lever.
  • The unbendable heavy duty band strut is TCS’s solution to the O.E.M. band strut that is notorious for bending causing excessive band clearance and transmission failure.
  • The billet steel band anchor – for heavy duty and performance applications, positive band adjustment. This heat treated and zinc plated anchor delivers reliable and accurate band adjustment.


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